Saturday, October 3, 2009

Move Resize Or Tile Multiple Windows With WinSplit Revolution Utility

Move Resize Or Tile Multiple Windows With WinSplit Revolution Utility

One of Windows biggest weakness is a lack of functionality for managing multiple open Windows. In XP you can only cascade or tile Windows vertically or horizontally. In Vista it's known as "stacked" and "side by side" (not very creative).

To the rescue comes WinSplit Revolution. This handy utility makes managing multiple open Windows easy with a click of the mouse or keyboard hot keys. Not only can you move, resize, tile, split or arrange your open windows anywhere across your screen, WinSplit Revolution can also divide each Window across the screen into several parts (halves, thirds, fourths).

To get started, download WinSplit Revolution and install by clicking on the executable.

NOTE: WinSplit Revolution runs on Windows 2000, 2003, XP. There is no mention of Vista, so install at your own risk on Vista.

After installation has completed, WinSplit installs itself into the System tray:


Configuration options include:

-setting Winsplit to launch when logging on to Windows

-configure Options such as language, check for updates, and popup options

- edit or delete Hotkey settings


To use Winsplit, open up several programs or applications, and either use the keyboard hotkeys:

number pad keyboard mapping —-> winsplit5.png

or click (once) on Winsplit in the System tray. A transparent popup will appear:


Each arrow represents a position on your screen. For example if I click on the upper left arrow (or use hotkey Ctrl+Alt+Num Pad 7) Internet Explorer will move and resize Inter Explorer Window to that position on the screen:


Repeat clicking on the upper left again, will resize the Window to quarter, halve and fourths. To resize Notepad, and Windows Explorer, click on each application and resize them to upper right and lower left positions:


Once you have your open Windows tiled, you can easily move or resize an open Window to any position around the screen by clicking on the arrows.


Clicking on the center key causes the application to become full size.

Winsplit Revolution also includes three special functions:

- pressing Ctrl+Alt+m will evaluate the best arrangement to show several windows at the same time (known as Mosaic function).

- pressing Ctrl+Alt+c will instantaneously close all windows opened on the taskbar.

- pressing Ctrl+Alt+f will merge the two last selected windows side by side (known as Fusion function).

If there is one feature missing from Winsplit Revolution, it's the capability to find missing or misplaced Windows (off the screen). Hopefully this feature will be added in future releases. For now you can still move misplaced Windows back on the screen by:

* Right clicking the application on the taskbar and select Move.
* Press any arrow key (Left, Right, Up or Down) and move your mouse. The Window will appear and you can move it in to your workspace.

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