Thursday, October 1, 2009

Best Rapidshare Tools and Tricks

RapidShare is a German One-click hosting site that operates from Switzerland and is financed by the subscriptions of paying users. It operates as a pay service, allowing any member to upload files of up to 100MB. The user is then supplied with a unique download URL, which locates the file and enables anyone with whom the uploader shares it to download the file. As of September 17 2006 , non-premium members are forced to wait roughly two hours after each download, although it must be noted people with a dynamic IP can usually skip this wait by simply disconnecting and then reconnecting.

With it’s enormous file database (ebooks, software, audio,video, etc…) it became highly popular download destination. In this article you’ll find bunch of handy tips and tools(download managers and accelerators,search engines,how to get premium account, etc) designed for rapidshare users

1. Free Download Managers & Accelerators

* OrbitDownloader

* Rapget

* SpeedBit

* West Byte Software

2. Free Premium Account Notifier

RapidCheck is the tool that automatically check for free accounts at RapidShare. It stays at the system tray and notifies you by a baloon tooltip when free accounts are available. Clicking the tooltip will lead you to the free account registration page.

3. Rapidshare Search Engines

* Rapidfox

* Rapidsharing

* Shareminer

* Peer2link

* Rapidsharefiles(has a desktop version as well)

* Rapidsearch

* Funfail

* Filesbot

* Probble

4. Hacks and Tricks (mainly for non-premium accounts)

If you have free rapidshare account you probably noticed that it’s quite limited and has following restrictions; download speed(multiple connections aren’t allowed), bandwidth limit(30 MBs/hour) and waiting time. In case you aren’t happy about it check out some of the articles below;

* Hacks to Beat Rapidshare Download Limits and Waiting Time

* RapidShare: NIC tricks and MAC cloning to bypass download limit

* – Google & Rapidshare Hacks : Rapidshare Tricks, Megaupload, Yousendit Hacks, Crack

* – Simultaneous Downloads with Rapidshare

* – Rapidshare Hacks, Downloads, Tools and Searches

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