Thursday, October 15, 2009

A good programmer? It's very hard to say.

A good programmer? It's very hard to say.
At the bottom line, it means a programmer
who can produce a stable code to satisfy the requirements in time.
Moreover, a good programmer is supposed to have a good
programming style and good personalities. ^_^

Some people think a good programmer should have
the following characteristics.
1. Programmers are problem solvers.
2. Programmers analyze problems in great detail.
3. Listening helps.
4. Patience and tenacity, persistence are two other important attributes.
5. Programmers must also be constant learners.

Someone gives "The Rules To Be Known To Become a Real Programmer".
However, it might be a guideline to help you find geeks
or become a geek.

Dr. Dobb's Journal also have an article of programmers'
surviving guide which include 10 strategies.
Strategy #1: Data Structures
Strategy #2: Data Abstraction and Encapsulation
Strategy #3: Database Organization
Strategy #4: Program Structure
Strategy #5: Algorithms
Strategy #6: Debugging
Strategy #7: User Interfaces
Strategy #8: User Requirements
Strategy #9: Computer Architecture
Strategy #10: Communication

Have you noticed that?
Data Structures is the first one.

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