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MySQL Backup for InnoDB

MySQL Backup for InnoDB
Posted by: Thanuja S ()
Date: April 20, 2007 12:28AM

Hi i have copied MySQL data folder from my server and replaced the data folder in my local system. I stopped mysql server in my local system and then copied the data folder. after copying when i restart the mysql server it does not connect and it terminates. How to make physical copy of data folder from one server to another. if i use SQLYog for backup it works fine. But i want to know how to make physical copy of data folder? Iam using InnoDB.

You need to copy a few more files other than the data dir. Check out the instructions for making a binary backup at The backed up files and innodb settings from the .cnf file need to go on your local system.

Hi thanks. i did the same and it works perfectly. copied data folder and my.cnf
file to my local. previously i copied only data folder which did not work. now it works .

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