Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Acronis True Image Echo Now Provides Backup and Recovery for Every Major Virtualization Platform

BURLINGTON, MA -- 01/27/09 -- Acronis®, Inc. (http://www.acronis.com) announced today that its corporate Acronis True Image backup and disaster recovery software for servers and workstations now supports virtual machines and file formats from Citrix XenServer. Acronis True Image Echo enables IT managers to move, manage and maintain both physical and virtual servers using a single application. With this announcement, the software now supports every major virtualization platform, including VMware, Microsoft, Parallels and Citrix/Xen.

Among the other added features in this latest release are dual destination and integration with Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange.

Dual destination -- Customers can back up a server image to two locations, including remote sites via local disk or network store, or the Acronis Secure Zone™.

Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange Integration -- backup and recovery software specifically designed for Microsoft Exchange Server can now access Exchange-specific functions from within the Acronis True Image Echo Management Console.

"Virtualization will continue to grow in importance and gain wider use in 2009 as IT managers are already deploying multiple virtualization platforms and the different software required for each," said Jason Donahue, CEO of Acronis. "This latest update to Acronis True Image is agnostic toward virtualization technology and allows IT personnel to choose the platforms that make the most sense for their needs, and use Acronis across the board to keep all that data safe."

"Gartner research indicates that seventy percent of all organizations are deploying some level of server virtualization and all but a few firms are actively investigating it*," said Dave Russell, research vice president, Servers & Storage, Gartner. "It will be critical for IT managers to consider the management of virtualization, thus evaluating applications that are agnostic and offer flexibility to support their future planning and infrastructure needs."

About Acronis True Image Echo

Acronis True Image integrates seamlessly with all Windows- and Linux-based servers, regardless of whether those servers are physical or virtual.

Utilizing the Acronis Virtual Live Data Format to separate hard disk contents from the underlying file format and platform dependency, the software creates a transportable image, independent of the hardware platform that can be restored directly to and from any virtual or physical environment. This is accomplished in conjunction with Acronis Universal Restore, an add-on module to Acronis True Image Echo.

Other features include:

-- "Restore file and folders without full path" option
-- Command line tool for Acronis Backup Server to export information
stored in Backup Server about backup file names, locations and computer to
an XML file
-- "Run Acronis Recovery for MS Exchange Bare-metal Restore after data
recovery" capability added
-- Discovery of computers in Group Server can now be restricted to user-
defined network ranges

Pricing for the corporate Acronis True Image server family ranges from $499 for Acronis True Image Echo for Microsoft Small Business Server to $2,599 for Acronis True Image Virtual Edition. The updated version is currently being shipped.

About Acronis

Acronis, Inc. is the leading provider of storage management and disaster recovery software. Its patented disk imaging and management technology enables corporations and individuals to move, manage and maintain digital assets in physical and virtual environments. With Acronis' backup, recovery, server consolidation and virtualization migration software, users protect their digital information, maintain business continuity and reduce downtime in computing environments. Acronis software is sold in more than 180 countries and available in 13 languages. For additional information, please visit www.acronis.com or contact media@acronis.com.

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