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VPN connection slows down the internet speed


VPN connection slows down the internet speed


I recently started telecommuting to my work. My work IT guys installed a VPN software (from Juniper Networks, I think) on my machine. On my home office end, I first tried DSL with 3 Mbps download speed but that seemed to be too slow for my needs. Then I switched to cable with 10 Mbps download limit. The problem that I am having with cable is that when I am not connected to my work network through VPN, online speed tests show reasonable download/upload speeds. When connected through VPN, the speed goes down to ~300 Kbps download and upload. Also, I am getting random pauses in my internet connection. I didn't use to have these problems with DSL. Are these common problems with VPN/cable internet combination? Are there any fixes?

I am very ignorant when it comes to internet/network stuff, so any help will be appreciated.



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Sounds like your ISP is throttling encrypted traffic.


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Many corporate VPNs route ALL your traffic through the VPN back to Corporate and THEN to the internet. As you may well imagine, this is much safer for them, and much slower for you. Guess who wins?

If your VPN software is using all your CPU time, there are routers that do VPN internally, so your computer is less burdened. I use the Linksys RV042 myself.

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Okay, my ISP is Charter Communications. Did a quick search, I found claims that Charter limits bandwidth of high-traffic users. I don't know how much traffic I create. I remote desktop to my computer at the office. I would imagine that it is a constant traffic but is it like watching a movie on the internet? Although my maximum DSL speed was 3 Mbps (before I switched to cable), the connection and speeds were more stable. So what is the solution? Go back to DSL?



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3 Mbps, 10 Mbps most likely doesn't matter. You can only download from you company at there max upload speed. Would it happen to be 384kbps?? Your 300kbps would fit in line with that speed.

If it is your total on line experience when you are on the VPN, then it is most likely what Jimboplamer says, and that your company does not offer Split Tunnel VPN.

You may also consider the amount of processing that is taking place encrypting and decrypting. You are using a software client so all processing must be done by your computer and not some hardware device if you were running a VPN Gateway appliance.

These are just some thoughts that come to mind via your description.


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Sounds to me like all your traffic is being routed through the corporate VPN.

Do a trace route to when you are connected to the VPN and when you are not. That will tell you for sure.
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