Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Restore Outlook Express

· Outlook Express stores emails in a set of .dbx files, maintaining .dbx file for each email folder.

To quickly locate the location where all the dbx files are stored follow the following procedure -

1. Start Outlook Express
2. Click Tools menu
3. Then Select Options...

4. Click on the Maintenance tab
5. Then click on the Store Folder button

A dialog pops up which will display the directory containing all you dbx files.

6. Copy the Complete Location and Open the Folder containing DBX files.
7. Close Outlook Express.
8. Look for the Inbox.dbx and Inbox (1).dbx files.

You will notice the size of Inbox.dbx is greater then the size of Inbox (1).dbx file.

9. Rename Inbox (1).dbx to Inbox (1)-backup.dbx
10. Then Rename Inbox.dbx to Inbox (1).dbx

Restart Outlook Express and you will see all the emails are back in Inbox folder.

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Unknown said...

Oh, I am interested in similar solutions, too. Look at the access repair database utility, it parses affected files, backup copies are no longer needed