Monday, September 22, 2008

Network: Full-Duplex Windows XP Configuration

Network: Full-Duplex Windows XP Configuration

!!! MSV Residents ONLY !!!

The Office of Technology Services and Residence Life are working to resolve the network connection issues in MSV. We are currently evaluating several options for a permanent fix. In the meantime, configuring your computer’s network card to 10Mbps Full-Duplex will improve your connection somewhat. Use the following instructions to configure your network card. If you have any questions, please contact the OTS Support Desk at 312.567.3375 or 7-DESK.

The network card should be configured after DHCP registration. The following example is for the integrated network adapter found in many Dell machines. These steps are similar for other network adapters.

In Windows XP and 2000 please follow these configuration steps:

  1. Go to Network Connections in Control Panel.

    Right-click the My Network Places icon in the Start Menu, then click Properties.


    Click Start button (left-bottom corner of the screen). Click Control Panel.

    Click the Network Connections icon or the Network and Internet Connections icon, depending on your view.


    Then click Network Connections.

  2. Configure the Network card for 10Mbps Full-Duplex connection:

    Right-click Local Area Connection icon and then click Properties.

    Click the Configure button.

    Click Advanced tab. Click Link Speed in Property field. Select 10Mbps/Full Duplex in Value drop-down list. Click OK.

    Please Note: The configuration menus for the network card may vary with the network card make/model.

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