Friday, August 16, 2013

Sales Data Analysis Tools help retail store owners figure out what really matters

Sales Data Analysis Tools help retail store owners figure out what really matters…

On a daily basis, retailers generate sales data that can tell them quite a bit if put under analysis. Monitoring Sales Data plays a pivotal role within a retail organization. BUT, it is difficult for a retailer to make strategic decisions based on this raw data alone.

With the advent of new technology, retailers have the ability to analyse and use this data to improve retail productivity. Data analytics gives a summary on top performers, bottom performers, key value items, sales performance, forecasting, trend and seasonality, in other words, all of the things that daily keep you profitable.

Sales Data Analysis Tools - Whats Happening at Your Retail Store Matters

These data allow a retailer to target their customers more effectively by campaigns, to improve response time to market changes, to increase employee productivity and to improve customer service at stores.

In order to remain competitive, retailers need to enhance their product offerings, service levels and pricing models. They need the data in their systems to be able to do so. Unfortunately small and midsize retailers have limited resources to be able to do this analysis on the regular basis that they need.

At the same time, being in the store and interacting with your employees and customers can give you a physical sense of what happens daily in your store. While analysis may say one thing, remember that the voices of your customers, their concerns and requests, give you a concrete set of data to use in purchasing and marketing decisions.

Combining the two subsets of sales data will be the best use of all of the information coming into your store on a daily basis!

Sales data analysis tools - My Virtual DMUsing sales data analysis tools like can help you sort through the immense amount of data, figure out what is important and what isn’t and provide you with concrete reports based on the retail sales data analysis that you can rely upon to forecast where your business is heading.
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