Friday, December 12, 2008

Zzapper's Life, Success & Self-Improvement Tips

Zzapper's Life, Success & Self-Improvement Tips

This is an experimental section which explores the premise, that you can improve your life/efficiency in the same way as you increase your programming/computer skills. ie by continously learning new tips and shortcuts by a process of Constant and Never-ending Improvement (CANI).

I've been reading lots of the success-industry gurus Paul McKenna, Tony Robbins, Fiona Harrold etc, read books entitled "Top-Ten Habits of Millionaires", attended seminars, bought training courses. I've tried to filter out the guff and retain the valid. The tips are being gradually added to my "Life Tips" manual (see link below).

Self-improvement goals
  • Creation of a more positive attitude
  • Improvement of your business and personal relations
  • Increasing your work-efficiency and effectiveness
    • Decrease the time you work
  • Living more healthily
  • Achievement of Inner Calm
  • Financial Independence and Prosperity
    • Have Multiple Income Streams
The surprising thing is that you have can them all, and that they may of course be inter-dependent!

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