Thursday, November 5, 2009

Debugging resources -- other sites that help

Here are some interesting resources on debugging in general. If you're interested in a specific language, tool, or device, your best bet is go to Google and search for debugging and your specific item. You will be awash in websites. These sites, on the other hand, are more general in scope.

The Algorithmic and Automatic Debugging Home Page - This site has links to numerous resources on designing for debug, automatic testing and verification, and debugging tools.

Softpanorama Debugging Links - This site is a nice source of practical and philosophical advice about debugging. Be sure to look at the article by David Burns on the Mental Game of Debugging; it gives ten rules for maintaining your sanity as you debug. There's also some neat quotes and humor. - This site is devoted to troubleshooting in general. It has a bit of overlap with the Debugging rules, but definitely comes at the problem with a different view; it might add an insight or two to your repertoire. It has an extensive set of links to other resources as well.

This page is still growing. If you know of interesting debugging resources and would like to see them linked here, click on: Tell us about a debugging resource and type it up as an email.

Thanks for helping us out.

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