Saturday, November 8, 2008

Useful VIM Utilities

Useful VIM Utilities

Utilities that can assist you during editing I think all are free or shareware or have free versions.
  • VIM Worlds most popular Programmers Editor

  • Kleptomania ScreenScraper

    OCRs Text from other Applications, useful when ordinary copying and pasting is not possible, and also where you only want to copy a particular column.

  • Shortkeys Windows Text Replacement Utility

    Use ShortKeys for web-form filling, spitting out commonly used sentences, lines of code,html etc eg I type \xxa and it expands to my address. Works a bit like VIM's abbreviations but use anywhere. I also use it to login to various websites that I'm a member of

  • M8 Multi-clipboard

    Remembers the last 25 clips you copied
    Recover any of last 25 things (clips) that you've copied and pasted. Click on M8 Clipboard in your system tray and a 5*5 grid appears with the start of each clip appearing in a pigeon hole. Simple, easy to use. intutitive , just marvellous

  • CygWin Linux Tools on Windows

    Have the best of both worlds *nix utilities on Windows without partitions, installable and uninstallable like any other Windows Application.

    With Cygwin you grep,sed,awk,perl,find,tex and many dozens of other *nix tools

  • external use vim as external editor

    for many other applications, eg outlook or when writing your blog onscreen

    (i often find it necessary to click retry)

  • WAMP Windows-Apache-MySQL-PHP

    Painless single install of Apache-MySQL-PHP-PHPMYADMIN for Windows users!!


  • Open Office

    Better than MS Office and free!

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