Thursday, November 13, 2008

Can't delete an E-mail or message in Outlook Express

Can't delete an E-mail or message in Outlook Express

The following is from the microsoft newsgroups (thanks to Susan, Kath, and PABear):

Q: "I have applied Windows Updates for Windows 98 system and also upgraded to IE6. Now complaint is that email cannot be deleted from December 3 on. Person tries to delete it but it re-appears. I have found the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 312348 but it does not mention Windows 98 but ME and 2000.

"My question is how specific are the Knowledge Base articles and the Windows systems listed. Since Windows 98 is not listed, does this mean I should forget this article although it seems to fit the problem description."

A: "Your deleted items folder may be corrupt. Hopefully you do not have any emails you wish to keep in your deleted items folder? If you do, then move them out to other folders as you are going to delete the DBX file associated with Deleted Items folder.

"Find where OE is storing your mail via Tools > Options > Maintenance > Store Folder [button].

"Close OE. Go to the place you noted using Windows Explorer and delete [Deleted Items.dbx] Re-open OE and a new un-corrupted deleted items will have been created. Now try and delete unwanted email....

"Tip. Do not have automatic compaction running. Disable it and do the compaction when offline, frequently and manually. Do not keep any email in the default OE folders, but move them to your own specially created folders, created under local folders.

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