Thursday, October 30, 2008

Symantec Antispam 100% cpu CPU-hog Windows 2003

Symantec Antispam 100% cpu CPU-hog Windows 2003

I recently upgraded a customers' installation of Symantec Antivirus with Groupware Protection to Symantec Endpoint Protection (including Symantec Antispam).

After the upgrade the customer complains about slow network-response from the server. I investigated this problem and I came across two process conduit.exe and SMSUtilityService.exe.

Both process regurly consume above 50 percent of CPU, and for a considerable time. My customer is not happy with the slowdown of his network.

What's the problem with version 6 of Symantec Antispam? Why does Symantec accept that fact that version 6 is broken in several ways?

My solution to this problem was to disable the SPAM-function of MailSecurity and install GFI MailEssentials.

Please Symantec fix this problem, because it's going to hurt your success with Symantec MailSecurity.

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