Friday, February 20, 2015

Preventing SQL injection when using MySQL query directly

Okay, researched this one a little bit. If you can get an instance of a DB_Adapter (which I believe that resource call will return), this shouldn't be too tough. Deep down inside, Magento is based on Zend Framework, and the DB adapter specifically is descended from Zend_Db_Adapter, so you can use those methods for free. See the link before for more examples, but here's the syntax provided in the docs, which should escape your input automagically:

$write = Mage::getSingleton("core/resource")->getConnection("core_write");

// Concatenated with . for readability
$query = "insert into mage_example "
       . "(name, email, company, description, status, date) values "
       . "(:name, :email, :company, :desc, 0, NOW())";

$binds = array(
    'name'    => "name' or 1=1",
    'email'   => "email",
    'company' => "company",
    'desc'    => "desc",
$write->query($query, $binds);


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