Saturday, June 4, 2011

Don't date a programmer!

Don't date a programmer!

The Valentines day for 2011 is just a Monday away. Do you have a date? Or do you ever experience dating a programmer? Somewhat like a computer scientist. Why try to date one?
Don't date a programmer.

Programmers are geeks. They are nerds. They are anti-social. They are hackers and will just hack your Facebook account. They are self centered. They spent their whole time in front of a computer, typing some weirdo code. They end their line with a semicolon. They are just plain weird.
But if you still insist and want to take the risk, do some adventure and try it. Try and date a programmer!

Maybe it is an adventure, because a programmer, a computer scientist is no ordinary person. Yes, maybe they are geeks and nerds, but have you ever heard of Chuck?

He's a nerd, just do the math.

Programmers think outside the box. They use their critical thinking skill to formulate some algorithms. It definitely needs going out of the box to do it. Thus it solves the problem of cliche. They are wild thinkers and can execute an outside of the box move. A move that is new to the eyes, definitely not a cliche. Who says proposing using a game is overused?

If thinking outside of their box is not enough, how is thinking inside the other box? How about thinking inside your box? Programmers need rigorous testing for their programs to work well. To do it, the programmer must simulate the position of the projected user and use their program. It is thinking like the other person.

With it, that programmer can see things in your perspective. A perspective different from his, but he will definitely understand the way you think.

They also understand the concept of strict rules. Programmers need to have the correct syntax in their program for it to compile and run. They understand how important rule is and not following it can lead to a bad result.

Unlike some people, they also know that a certain "if" word exist and it can always be there. They know that some things or event might not happen with that "if". Life is full of uncertainty and you will never know what will happen next. When an "if" event happen, they know how to accept it.

Everything happens for a reason, and programmers know it. Every effect has a cause, and every cause has an effect. A small problem that is disregarded might be a bigger problem and may affect later. A problem ignored, is not a problem solved. Programmers also know that perfection is such an impossible to achieve. Because they know, that even though their program is well made, sooner or later, a bug will appear. A problem that needs an update to fix. A problem is better solved than ignored.
Computers do not understand the language of the people, but the programmers can understand the language of the computer. Programmers are flexible. Try to date a programmer and you will not have a hard time fitting in, because they will understand you with ease.

Simple things are appreciated by programmers. And they do not take it for granted. It is because the programs made by them are somewhat taken for granted. The simple interface of the program is just a mask to a much more inside. The complex code that is written by the programmers is hidden to the user unlike the wires and circuits of engineers that can easily be seen by naked eye.

Yes, those are some qualities of a programmer. Programmers that are sometimes stereotyped by misconceptions.

But the fact is, programmers are really cool. Try to date one.

I am a programmer.

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