Friday, April 29, 2016

Scope of sessionStorage and localStorage

Scope of sessionStorage and localStorage

Each key-name pair is unique for a protocol and domain, regardless of the paths.

The affected domain can be changed via the document.domain property. -> is possible (subdomain) -> is not possible

Session Storage:

Values persist only as long as the window or tab in which they stored.
Values are only visible within the window or tab that created them.

Local Storage:

Values persist window and browser lifetimes.
Values are shared across every window or tab running at the same origin.

So, by reading and understanding this each key-value pair is unique for each domain, because local storage persist values across window or tab.

  localStorage.setItem("test", "Hello World");

  var test = localStorage.getItem("test");

  for(var i in window.localStorage) {
    console.log(i + ": " + window.localStorage[i]);


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