Friday, December 11, 2015

Convert video to gif

Convert video to gif

Install ImageMagick. ImageMagick has already included ffmpeg.exe in its installation file.

# mkdir tmp

# mkdir out

# ffmpeg -i MyVideo.avi -vf fps=fps=10 tmp/out%06d.png

(or ffmpeg -i MyVideo.avi -t 10 tmp/out%06d.png)
(or ffmpeg -i MyVideo -an -r 10 -y -s 640x480 out/out%06d.png)

# mogrify -format gif tmp/*.png

# convert -delay 10 tmp/*.gif -loop 0 out/out.gif

# convert -layers Optimize out/out.gif out/out_optimized.gif

# del "tmp\*"


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