Tuesday, November 3, 2015

get ZPL Code From zebra designer?

You can add a new ZebraDesigner ZPL driver to the system and use a file as the port. Then when you "Print" the document, it will write the ZPL code to the file.

Note that it might have some header information before the first ^XA which you might not need.

UPDATE : (How to add local port on a driver)

  1. Go to Printer Properties
  2. Click on the Ports tab
  3. Click Add Port
  4. Select Local Port and click New port
  5. Enter a filename e.g. C:\output.zpl
  6. Make sure it is checked in the ports list
  7. Now all printing output should go to C:\output.zpl


If you want to see native ZLP codes you must use zebra fonts, if you do not use you will see .GRF codes like below:


and do not understand them. After that hit print than select "print to file". So you can see clear ZLP codes.



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