Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Linux Set Date and Time From a Command Prompt

Linux Display Current Data and Time

Just type the date command:
$ date

Sample outputs:

Wed Apr 23 10:32:59 CDT 2014
Linux Display The Hardware Clock (RTC)

Type the following hwclock command to read the Hardware Clock and display the time on screen:
# hwclock -r

# hwclock --show

OR show it in Coordinated Universal time (UTC):
# hwclock --show --utc

Sample outputs:

Wed 23 Apr 2014 10:36:23 AM CDT -0.157239 seconds
Linux Set Date Command Example

Use the following syntax to set new data and time:

date --set="STRING"

For example, set new data to 2 Oct 2006 18:00:00, type the following command as root user:
# date -s "2 OCT 2006 18:00:00"

# date --set="2 OCT 2006 18:00:00"

You can also simplify format using following syntax:
# date +%Y%m%d -s "20081128"

Linux Set Time Examples

To set time use the following syntax:
# date +%T -s "10:13:13"


10: Hour (hh)
13: Minute (mm)
13: Second (ss)
Use %p locale's equivalent of either AM or PM, enter:
# date +%T%p -s "6:10:30AM"
# date +%T%p -s "12:10:30PM"

How do I set the Hardware Clock to the current System Time?

Use the following syntax:
# hwclock --systohc

# hwclock -w

You can also set new timzone using this mini-howto.
Man pages - hwclock(8), date(1)


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