Friday, April 25, 2014

WIFI issue on Windows Mobile Motorola MC9500 Series

If you found WIFI problem with your handheld scanner Motorola MC3190 this article could be the solution for you. We have already 10 monochrome scanners to scan garment in the factory. Recently we buy 6 units of Motorola MC3190 colour with Win CE6.0 as its operating system. Although we happy with new colour handheld scanner, we have a problem with it's WIFI.

When we do cold boot (press 1+9+power) the wifi is always disabled, we have to enable it first to use it. This is not acceptable because user will have to access windows first to enable the wifi.

After googling i found that the problem is not unique, many people having the same problem. Searching more i found posting about this problem from .Fret Developer ( The blog owner is a savvy .NET developer.

" After a cold boot of your Motorola / Symbol MC9500 series device, if you find that your wireless radio is disabled, create the following .reg file and add it to the \Application folder on the device;"



It's easy to follow and it worked.

Several days later i got a reg file from our supplier that came from Motorola. This file called "fusion on.reg" and same with above direction, it must be put into application folder of scanner.


"FriendlyName"="WLAN Proxy Driver for Motorola WLAN Adapter"


This solution is also solved my problem. Albeit I'm not really know the different but since it come from my supplier which is Motorola distributor and it seems more complex than the first one from .fret blog i decided to use this file.

Once again without .fret blog i may not found the solution quickly. Thank you.

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