Thursday, November 28, 2013

Changing Domain Name on your PrestaShop install

If you are moving PrestaShop to a different domain, or switching from server pathways to your domain name, then you must update PrestaShop with the new domain name. This article explains what changes need to carried out.

Log into cPanel, then go to "PHPMyAdmin" and log into your PrestaShop database. Go to the table "ps_configuration" and locate the records for PS_SHOP_DOMAIN and PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL. Change these to the new domain name. Check the configuration table for any other entries that contain the old domain name and change accordingly.

SELECT * FROM ps_configuration WHERE name LIKE '%domain%'

Go to Admin Page
Go to Admin page > Advanced Parameters > Multistore > Canada > Actions > Edit:

Domain: ca.webstore.local
Domain SSL: ca.webstore.local
Physical URL: /
Virtual URL: store/

Repeat the same steps with USA store.

Via FTP or the file manager in cPanel, modify the PHP file /config/ Look for the entry for PS_BASE_URI__ and modify as necessary. For a shop located in the root, it should read:

define('__PS_BASE_URI__', '/');

Delete (or rename) the .htaccess file on your site.

In our PrestaShop admin, you now need to re-generate the SEO URLs with the new domain name. Log into your PS admin, then go to "tools->generate->generate .htaccess".

If your site has a full SSL Certificate, then you can also enable this via your PS admin under "Preferences page -> Enable SSL: Yes".

Please note that PrestaShop won't work with our Shared SSL as the SEO URLs rewrite rules don't work with the server paths. For PS shops, you either need to have a Dedicated IP & your own Full SSL Certificate or you need to disable SSL.


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