Tuesday, October 11, 2011

package command make install compile options

The easiest way to find all of the configuration flags parameters for Apache 2.2 is to run

# make extract

# cd work

# cd httpd-2.2.9

# ./configure --help


# make config
When you run make config you will be shown a list of options. To use PHP with Apache make sure the Apache Module box is selected.

PHP 裝到一半當掉,如何清除原來的設定檔,並重新設定要安裝的套件?
make config install clean 可以分成下面三種喔~~

# make showconfig // which will show you all the configuration options for the port.

# make showconfig-recursive // Display options config for this port and all its dependencies.

# make config // which will simply present the menu again with the same options selected.

# make rmconfig // which will remove all selected options and allow you to start over.

# make rmconfig-recursive // Remove the options config for this port and all its dependencies.

# make clean // Remove ${WRKDIR} and other temporary files used for building.

# make clean-depends // Do a "make clean" for all dependencies.

# make install // Install the results of a build.

# make reinstall // Install the results of a build, ignoring "already installed" flag.

# make deinstall // Remove the installation.

# make deinstall-all // Remove all installations with the same PKGORIGIN.

You could refer for more make options in /usr/ports/Mk/bsd.port.mk or man ports.

All of these options, and others, are explained in great detail in in the man page for man.ports.7

ports 安裝完後,都會在 /var/db/pkg 下有各 ports 的資料夾(算是記錄吧)

基本上 phpX-extension 只是一個集合,有不同的php的套件

你的 phpX-extension,裝到一半當機,不過他可能已經把你選的一些套件裝好了

所以你應該要去/var/db/pkg 看一下裝了那些~~


怎麼砍~~ 我只知道兩種,一種是

pkg_delete (這個很爆力)

pkg_deinstall (這個會問你一些相依性)

pkg_deinstall -rf (recursive and force)

請在 /var/db/pkg 下,打 pkg_delete the_pkg_name:

# cd /var/db/pkg
# pkg_delete php4-extension



How do deinstall uninstall all PHP extensions on FreeBSD ports at once

# pkg_delete -r php5-5.2.12

Note: Ports are being removed exactly the same as the packages command.

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