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Static Route - Windows Multihome Question ( two network cards)

Static Route - Windows Multihome Question ( two network cards)

Warning - Multiple default gateways are intended to provide redundancy to a single network(such as an intranet or internet). They will not fumction properly when the gateways are on two separate, disjoint networks(such as one on your intranet and one on the internet). Do you want to save this configuration?

Note: only machines on the same LAN can ping each other, but machines on cross LAN / different LAN can't cannot ping. ( I used WireShark to analyze capture the packet. I saw echo request ( type 8 ), but not echo reply (type 0) at all. The packet seems being dropped drop.

Windows Multihome Question ( two network cards)


I have an issue with Win 2003 server, network Load balancing, and Routing.

Set the Scene:

2 unique machines. Running Win 2003 Server and Cold Fusion. We had an

internal network and a DMZ

The machines have unique internal IP addresses on a /24 network.

The machine are NLB to a single IP in the DMZ.

The problem we have has to do with multihoming. We'd like to be able to

manage the machines remotely, which does require a default gateway on the

private side.

And of course the machines havea gateway on the DMZ side for HTP replies to

find their way out.

Currently we have a CFMHTTP request that is sent out thru the DMZ, and it

fails more or 90% of the time. However when we remove the gateway from either

the DMZ side or the private side, the request goes out, with no issue.

Is ther a way around this? Can Windows be coaxed into having 2 gateways on

two separate networks? Note that the only path between the networks is on the

machine itself. The networks are isolated for security reasons.


You only use one Gateway and it must go on the External (DMZ) side. In the

Internal side you handle the routes to other internal subnets by using the

OS's Routing Table to create Static Routes.

To add a Persistent Routes to windows server 2003:
cmd> route ADD -p MASK METRIC 3

Verify the result:
cmd> route print

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