Thursday, March 19, 2009

truss -- trace system calls - problem with apache benchmark

problem with apache benchmark

Bartosz Giza wrote:


from couple of days i am trying to figure out what is wrong with apache
bench. I want to test my remote site with it but all the time i got this
error message.

% ab -c 10 -n 500 http://xxxxx/test.php
Test aborted after 10 failures

apr_socket_connect(): Operation already in progress (37)
Total of 8 requests completed

I would use truss to look at the syscalls ab is using. Make sure /proc
is mounted and use "truss ab" instead of just ab. Also checking the
httpd logs in /var/log might be useful.

I've used ab locally on a recent 6.2 and I don't get this failure, but
my ab and my kernel are likely different.


I searched google but i didn't find anything in english that i could use.
Could somebody help me with this.

I am running freebsd 6.2-PRE. I have tested this on amd64 and i386.
It seems that there is problem with -c 10 parametr. Without this param ab
works good (i hope). But without -c it is hard to benchmark my apache

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