Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kscope vs. SourceInsight

Kscope vs. SourceInsight

雖然以前就聽過Kscope,但是為了效率(不需要用到滑鼠)我一直都是用 vim + cscope 在trace code,不過最近念頭一轉,決定不要繼續虐待自己而開始使用滑鼠 :)



SourceInsight (*)


張貼者: t@c0 位於 4:04 PM

cscope - is a console mode or text-based graphical interface that allows computer programmers or software developers to search C source code (there is limited support for other languages). It is often used on very large projects to find source code, functions, declarations, definitions and regular expressions given a text string.

cscope is a good equivalent on linux.If you use KDE, there's a nice GUI to it called Kscope.

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